Accent’s Janitorial Division takes quality cleaning into the commercial world. We have a highly trained staff that is constantly updated on different cleaning techniques and products. They are also trained on various cleaning machines. 

Commercial Janitorial

If you are in need of someone to maintain the cleaning of your facility, be it daily or scheduled cleaning, call Accent today. We can quote budget prices over the phone for all of our janitorial services. We can provide square foot cost or hourly breakdowns. We offer a full range of Industrial/commercial cleaning services!

Frequently asked questions

What do you specialize in?

-Dusting -All open and exposed woodwork -All furniture -All wall hangings -Floors -Kitchens -Appliances -Spot clean cabinets -Counter tops and sink area -Remove trash -Bathrooms Add Ons: -Vacuum furniture -Mini blinds & other window treatments -Light fixtures -Certain windows

What are your basic janitorial services?

Nightly – Monday through Friday (Fridays work is doable on the weekends) -Empty and dispose of all garbage, and recycle bins / check desk-tops for spills etc. -Sanitize restrooms and break rooms / restock consumables. -Vacuum main carpeted traffic lanes and rugs. -Common areas – straightened and inspect furniture do any necessary cleaning. -Sweep and wet mop hard surface floors. -Spot clean entry glass. -Secure building Weekly -Dust all horizontal, open and exposed areas above 1′ and below 5′ (try to catch desk tops when they are cleared). -Spot clean wall areas that are regularly soiled (rest rooms, break rooms, hallways etc.). -Vacuum the perimeter areas of desks and hard to reach areas (this is not the full edging which is scheduled for 1/4ly). -Do not do computer screens unless specified per scope of area. Monthly -Specialty items to be identified later, specifically to meet the buildings unique needs. Quarterly (calendar year) -Vacuum edges of the open areas. -Vacuum upholstery / furniture crevasses. -Wet mop all plastic chair rolling pads.

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Is your staff licensed?

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We only refer experienced housekeepers who have also gone through a thorough reference check. Your confidence and satisfaction is our priority.

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