Water/Mold Cleanup

Accent provides 24-hour response to the personal and property needs of homeowners and commercial businesses overcoming the devastating property setbacks inflicted by flood, wind or other damages that Mother Nature can produce. Any water damage that is left unattended to may result in mold cleanup.

For years Accent has been called on-site to restore residential and commercial properties. We clean, sanitize and preserve contents damaged by these devastating disasters. We are CleanTrust certified providing the Fargo-Moorhead community with exceptional property restoration service and expertise. It pays to choose someone with experience in the special requirements of restoration.

Water Cleanup

Since mold can be such a health and property problem, it should be cleaned up immediately. Accent is CLEANTRUST certified providing the Fargo Moorhead area with exceptional property restoration service and expertise. Accent uses top-of-the-line equipment, such as air scrubbers and negative air machines, dehumidifiers, air blowers, air movers and more to rid your home of mold and mildew.

Mold Cleanup

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